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Angela Lucente

Angela Lucente

Angela has been successful in the corporate world… and then transitioned that success to a traditional retail business… and then to direct selling… and now to network marketing.
Today, she is a 6 figure earner and living in her dream home in Melbourne, Australia.

Angela’s motto is to laugh more, live more and be more. Spend more time building the life you dream of, the life you deserve and eventually you’ll impact others around you in a positive and abundant way. ››

Episode Transcription

Intro: You are now tuned into the Reignite Studio Podcast where entrepreneurs, home-based business professionals and thought leaders share their formula for success. Pick up actionable tips and inspiration which can help you grow yourself and your business and now it’s time to sit back, listen and learn with your host, founder of the Reignite Network, James Yates.

James Yates: Welcome back to the Reignite Studio Podcast, I’m your host, James Yates and today we have an action-packed episode with a dynamic entrepreneur, Angela Lucente. Residing in Melbourne, Australia, Angela has achieved a great level of success both in the corporate and small business arena. However it was the lure of direct selling that got her really excited about a new challenge around five years ago. Although she was at first a little unsure of the industry, she was really intrigued by the idea of working less and earning more even if it did sound a little cliché. Capitalizing on her experience working with and mentoring teams of people meant that her business grew very fast initially and now Angela has created and led teams of tens of thousands of distributors whilst traveling the world and truly leading with passion focused and developing a culture that really does resemble excellence and it is an absolute pleasure to have you on the Reignite Studio Podcast.

Angela Lucente: Thank you James. It’s an absolute pleasure to be here.

James Yates: Now, let’s get started and really share with the audience a little bit more about your journey; how did this all come about? I mean five years ago, it sounded like you really weren’t involved in this industry at all.

Angela Lucente: Yeah, that’s exactly right. I guess what I would be what you would describe as a career woman and then I became a career mom. I guess my work life was very important to me and when I went into my years of having children and looking after family, I had to search for different ways to be able to create a balance for my family so that led me from the corporate world where I was working very long hours and into business ownership so I opened my own I’m retail stores in Melbourne and I worked in that business for almost 12 years while I raised my two boys with my husband so I guess for me, it was always about finding that balance between career and family and I guess after you have children, you know that becomes more apparent. I had the stores for twelve years and I guess that’s a long time to work in one field and I decided at that stage that I did really need a change and I didn’t want to go back to work. I guess the idea of having to answer to a boss again after s long of being my own boss was really not very attractive. So I started to look outside the square, I looked at businesses within the direct selling industry. I really wanted something that would keep me home. That was really important. My boys were going into their teenage years and I just felt that setting up a home office, being able to develop a business and an income, you know whilst having that flexibility would really work well for me and that’s how I landed in the direct selling industry.

James Yates: Wow, such a great story of again running a business for twelve years and the direct selling industry coming into that is obviously a very different kettle of fish in terms of you know how we build and how we go about it. Talk to me about some initial I guess challenges or insights that you would have making that transition.

Angela Lucente: Yeah so I guess the discipline is one of the biggest areas that I feel that you know poses the biggest obstacle. You know, if you’re not used to working for yourself or even if you are you are, you know you normally leave home and you go to an office or you got to a shop and the business dictates what you need to do. When you’re home based in direct sales and my first business was about network marketing; it was actually a direct sales party plan business model so was working from home, setting my own hours, setting my own appointments for demonstrations and yeah, you know it was really difficult at first to really find that balance because when you are home, especially as a mom, you know you want to do all the mom and kid stuff that needs to be done so good discipline was really important. I really had to plan my day, had to very strategic and make sure that I’ve got all the important stuff done first before I went off and did the mom things that needed to be done but it gave me that great balance one, so I really nailed that part, you know the risk really fell into place.

James Yates: That is brilliant, and then after your success and I know that you’ve had some great success in the initial direct selling company, how did network marketing then come into your life because what I love about your story already is you’ve kind of gone in phases and almost eased in to network marketing from the world of entrepreneurship.

Angela Lucente: Yeah I feel like it’s been a– I guess a journey I know that sounds really cliché but you know when I look at my story, you know I have really gone on that journey of working for a boss, climbing the ladder, having that success then deciding I wanted to do that for myself, doing that for you know a long period, I mean 12 years is a long time to wait for a bus, it’s also a long time to have you know a business and then deciding that I wanted more. You know I was always you know looking in the mirror thinking you know I deserve more, my family deserves more. You know I need to find that balance and you know direct sales, party plan, I really thought I’d found my dream business I mean this was a great business model especially for women demonstrating working in people’s homes had great social aspect to it but funny enough you know the network marketing model really just fell in my lap. A Guilds friend of mine contacted me about a new company that was launching and network marketing that was an unknown territory although it’s still part of the direct sales industry for a lot of people who in that demonstrating party plan business model. I don’t really get the network marketing, I don’t really understand the residual aspect of it in terms of income because party planning is you sell X amount, you get paid X amount and you know, not a lot of people go that are forward to build a team and that’s where the residual income is. We set solid business whereas in network marketing, you know if you want to grow an income, it really is all about growing the organization and growing the network so when this new opportunity landed in my lap, you know I really took it at face value. I looked at the numbers, I crunched them, I thought, “Wow how does this impact what I’m doing right now? If I was making this sensor in this model, you know where would that lead me to?” and just asking myself that simple question made network marketing look so much more attractive for me personally and you know I really could see the value of you know, especially if you have a product that people are really already looking for, already buying and you have that products and with the unique selling points so from a business perspective, not even understandings passive income or network marketing, I looked at it and went “wow, I really need to explore this more,” and that’s how I decided that it was really worth the risk of you know leaving the business that I had where I was earning a very healthy six-figure income to enter into a model where I really felt that you know I could take that income and you know, it could go through the roof. I mean you know, we always talk about glass ceilings especially for women. You know, in network marketing I really feel that we have something so powerful. You know something that you know we can’t really affect change not only in ourselves but it world, James.

James Yates: You’ve covered some really, really cool points here and what I’ve really gained from this is firstly you’ve looked at the network marketing model from a from a business perspective initially, you’ve looked at it you know it doesn’t make sense and does it make sense me getting involved. The second thing is you’ve also talked about helping women and helping people being able to empower themselves to create a better life but also what I love is the fact that there’s a risk that you’ve taken in terms of going from a successful career with a comfortable six-figure income that’s fantastic and then you decided that something else make sense to move forward on. What was your key criteria when you were looking? I mean like obviously you know you’re looking at does it make more money and all of that but I mean is there anything that really stood out that you really had to check off your checklist first?

Angela Lucente: Yeah, absolutely James. I mean you know when you work in the corporate world and I looked after departments of stuff, you know it didn’t really matter that those guys couldn’t do what I did because you know I was the manager as such and I could train them and I could oversee them and it was a you know face to face contact experience so we staff– the training is evolving and you’re working with them closely. When I moved into my traditional business, you know it was a very similar situation although you know when I left the store, that’s where all the holes in the system you know really showed up so in traditional business a lot of the time if I wasn’t on the floor, if I wasn’t selling, if I wasn’t working alongside my staff, you know you really saw that deterioration of the business. When I went into the direct sales that was even more prevalent because a lot of the time in this business, you’re working with people who are remote. In my party plan business, you know my team was spread all over Australia, in network marketing right now, in the business that I’m in, my team is spread out across almost every continent in the world so I needed to look at that business and think: okay, can anyone that I bring into this business do what I do and do it effectively without me having to be right there holding their hand you know, every step of the way? You know, did this company have systems you know that I could plug people into? You know, could I do them effortlessly and then you know, could they then duplicate that you know 1000 times over because growing the network is really the business that we are in and that’s the bottom line so if you don’t have a system that people can follow, people can then go on and teach and duplicate over and over again then really, you don’t have a great business. So that really had to stand out for me and I knew that that had to work because of my experience in my previous you know companies and businesses.

James Yates: Yeah, absolutely and you’ve put everyone first as well. It’s basically the concept if you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want and the only way to do that is with the right systems in place. So let’s talk systems for a moment. I mean what does it take for you know, someone to develop something that’s going to work for you?

Angela Lucente: We’re talking about every day activities; activities that people can do on a daily basis because the biggest success in this assignment is coming from you know people that a plugging into some sort of activity on a daily basis. Now, majority of my network, and as you know in this industry are consumers and when we look at customers, you know I needed to make sure that the system I had with customers was one that was simple. I didn’t have to actually be there in front of them, I didn’t have to train them how to use the product, I didn’t have to educate them on what the product was for, how it worked, what the benefits were because you know if you can have a product in marketing that is simple enough that it explains itself, people just unwrap the box, they take it out and they start to use it and they go, “Wow! This really works,” you know, and I don’t have to be there for that experience to happen. You know that is a gold system to have in terms of customers because 80% or more of the network we grow is customer-focused so that’s the customer system. For the rest of the organization when we’re looking at distributors and business partners who are doing this with the intent to grow the business, the intent to grow their income well then you know we really made systems that are so powerful, you know that they can learn them effectively, easily, they can then teach them easily so we made systems that you can share remotely regardless of where people live, we made systems that people you know don’t necessarily have to get way out of their comfort zone, they can work through the system and I have a bit of a saying at the moment, James that I’ve been working with my team: why learn to do what you can learn by doing? And what I mean by that is I guess some of us get so absorbed in the training that goes on in this industry that you know a lot of the organization actually forgets to go out and grow the business. You know, they train day in and day out constantly improving their skills on an almost like a tertiary level like someone going to university that’s doing a degree but not getting paid but the problem with that is that twelve months down the track, that person comes to you and says hey, I’ve put in all this work and all this effort and I’ve learnt all these skills but I’m still not making any money. So I love the idea of doing a you know, in Australia we call it an apprenticeship or you know overseas they might call it an internship or a cadetship where you work alongside your team, you work within a system, every company, every team would have a system that people can follow and it’s all about you know the basics, really nailing the basic activities of the business and if they’re doing that every day and they can still do all the learning, they can still do all the audios and the books, I mean that’s fine but that can’t be the whole system because it’s the system that’s going to grow the business that they’re looking for you know because at the end of the day, you want to affect change in that person’s life. You know, you can do that through personal development but that’s still not going to pay their bills so they’re going to come back to you and say, Hey, I’m a better person, you know I feel fantastic about myself but I still can’t break this business and really what we need is for people to experience the whole package of network marketing.

James Yates: Absolutely, and I love the concept and again, it’s applied learning, isn’t it? It’s really the ability to be able to simplify an approach by having a system in place and then going out and helping people to duplicate that over and over again and I think one of the biggest challenges you know you see a lot in this industry is that if the system’s too complicated, all of a sudden what happens is you have the game of broken telephone where the message actually gets completely misaligned very quickly with the original focus and I love the fact that you’ve also spoken about customers, right and we’re in a world right now within the network marketing profession that you know the customer’s centric businesses are vital and they always have been but I think there’s a much bigger focus on that right now. Now, in terms of the product and the customer focus, is there any key tips that you would love to give to ensure that people are looking after their customers beyond their initial purchase?

Angela Lucente: Yes. I would love to do that, James because obviously you know for over 25 years, I’ve worked in a product consumer based industry. The business model has changed as I’ve progressed but even when I was in the corporate world, I was still working within an organization that provided a product and consumers used it, they loved it and they continued to buy it. I mean that really is as simple as it gets with customers. What we really are looking for is a system where a customer can easily order their products, they can receive deliver, unpack, know what to do with the products. I mean you know what I see in our industry: we have a lot of products across you know different genres and some of those products are quite complicated. You know, you do need education so for me, in looking at the company I’m with right now and across the board, it’s the product ranges that are most simple to use that people can effortlessly apply or type or whatever it is that they’re doing with it and then get that experience in terms of the way either they feel or how they look so these are the two biggest factors. With customers you know, it’s also about that education process of them understanding that even though they’re a customer, they’re still part of this referral marketing system so they might not necessarily want to make a lot of money but don’t they want to get their next product order for free? They may want to affect change in their friends’ and families’ lives. I mean let’s face it, you know if I use a product who is the first two or three people I’m going to talk about to about it: My sister, my brother, my friend. You know, there’s certain people that you share everything with so you want that first experience to be amazing so that person organically you know we’re not talking with intent, consumers organically grow the business, the brand, they become brand ambassadors without having to really know anything about it and if they get paid a little bit of income along the way because they shard that experience and not necessarily sharing the product and not necessarily going out and saying, “Hey, I used this and it did this and I loved it,” but they’re saying “Hey, look at this and how I look and I love it and I’m so excited,” and then their friend says, “So how did you do that?” “Oh, okay bought this product, I bought product A from company B and I actually got it you know through this channel,” and then the referral comes back to you and that’s where really that consumer experience can lead to the interest in the business. I mean in the four years I’ve been in network marketing, many times over I’ve had a very satisfied customer who all of a sudden you know has that light bulb moment and says, “Well this is actually a really good business, it’s cool. I can do this and still do what I’m doing and I’ve been doing it without really trying and I’ve made a little bit of money. Imagine what I could do if I really learn and do and make the effort?”

James Yates: Yeah, absolutely and I love the quote, ‘If it’s not organic, panic’ and that really comes down to what we’re really focused on here is really look after your consumers and when people come in– actually I had a conversation with a former grandfather of the direct selling industry a few years ago and I said to him, “What’s the biggest focus that we need to be looking at right now as an industry as a whole?” and he says, “Make sure that you plug your customers in the same way you plug your distributors in so as in all of the people that you’re working with all the systems to help them become successful, does that customer you bring in have the same amount of value to you because ultimately, that’s the sustainability of your business so I love that quote, I love this conversation around the consumers, it’s something that we’re going to continue to have more and more and more post 2017 as well. Ang, you’ve achieved a huge level of success in a relatively short period of time. I want to ask you: what has a network marketing lifestyle allowed you to do?

Angela Lucente: Well James, look you know I never thought that I had a sad life. I mean my husband and I, we’ve been together 28 years. I mean we’ve had a– that’s a long time to build a life with someone: two children, bought a house, sold a house, bought another house, sold the house, built our dream home, I mean we’ve always been very driven by the things we want to achieve and we’ve always been able to match that with asset in our careers so that we could you know create the income and the cash flow that we need to do that. I mean I always say to my guys that you know: our dreams and goals are somewhere in the sky and our reality is somewhere on the ground and most people you know, tend to have somewhere in the middle and that’s exactly where we were. Our middle wasn’t so bad, I never looked at my life and thought, “Gee, my life could be better,” but coming into this industry, network marketing, you know the goals that I put on my list now like at the start of every year, we just dream away and put down things that need to be down; some of them are trivial like let’s change the gutters on the house and some of them are really awesome like we’d love to travel to Europe this year. With this business model, with the pair of the income that we have available to us, you know we can really dream bigger than ever now and some of the things that I’ve been able to do in the last four years are things that we were saving for our retirement. You know I mean I’m in my late forties, my husband has just 50; really when you think about it, those golden years of retirement aren’t that far away. I mean in Australia you retire at the age of 65, you get your super annulation, this is how much money you’ve got now, go live the life of your dreams but the reality is that most people can’t even afford to do it at that stage so we’ve been able to fast track that list of things that we wanted to do in retirement, when we were able to leave our jobs and not have to be you know, stuck in that system, on that treadmill, having to go to work otherwise you don’t get paid and otherwise you can’t pay your bills. You know, we’ve been able to fast track all of that James. I don’t feel like I’m on that treadmill anymore. I used to feel like I was on that treadmill and if I got off, the fear of losing cash flow meant that I couldn’t pay my bills and also my lifestyle that I was accustomed to I mean we’ve invested heavily over the last 20 years, we have mortgages, investment mortgages that need to be paid, so although we’re creating wealth, you know we weren’t able to really enjoy the lifestyle because a lot of our cash flow was going in to pay that off so the industry has given me an opportunity to pay things off quickly, it’s given me an opportunity to dream bigger than ever, have incredible experiences and yeah, really you know, I don’t know– I’m not saying that I wouldn’t be as happy as before if I hadn’t found network marketing because I don’t believe you should join this business model because it’s going to make you happy; that’s actually a mistake that happened over and over again and people fail miserably because they’re chasing happiness in a way that it doesn’t really work you know for us as people and humans. I mean you need to be happy then you find this and you know what, there’s a lot more happiness that can come of it and that’s how I feel. I feel like I’ve really hit the jackpot but you have to match those dreams with effort, you have to be willing to really engage in the systems, you have to learn and grow as a person to be able to really you know hit those goals that you’re looking for if you’re really looking you know to make some massive change in your life and of course to be able to do that you’ve got to make massive change in other people’s lives.

James Yates: Absolutely, I love that and I love the fact that you know there’s a quote that I’ve always remembered and that is: money will only amplify who you are. And so if you’re not happy and you come in and start to make a little bit more then that’s probably not going to work for you but if you’re coming in grounded, you’re ready and again you’ve done that by being focused on looking at this as a legitimate business model that can help you get from where you are now to where you want to be, I love that. If you had to start again, you know right back to the beginning knowing what you know, knowing the kind of results you’ve got, what would you do differently?

Angela Lucente: Well I think to me you know looking back I really have fairy tale start to network marketing. I hit one of the highest ranks in my company in 18 months. I was a top female income earner within that time and when I got to that level, I sort of looked at it and went, “Wow, how did that happen?” I was so absorbed in the enthusiasm and the power of the system and how it was making people feel and the products and you know, I was just running and you know that was a great way for me to build this business but when I did get to that 18 months level where I hit that rank, I feel that I wasn’t really prepared for what was about to happen next because the reality of this industry and I understand this now is that you know it’s like every other business that you could have in the world; there’s highs and there’s lows and then there’s highs and there’s lows and you’ve got to learn how to ride those waves. In my traditional business, I understood that, you know I went into that business knowing that I wouldn’t make any money in the first 12 months and that it would take five years for me to hit that level in the business where I would be happy with the level income and my bottom line would look healthy. In network marketing, looking back I guess I almost had a bit of a false economy start to the business. I’m not complaining about it, it was amazing to be able to ride that wave but then coming down off that wave, that’s where the most of my learning and education happened and I have to say that I lived more during that time of the next six months than I ever had in any other period of this business because it’s through coming back from those dips in the business. You know if you can really understand what it takes to come back from that dip, you know that makes you stronger and more dynamic and able to help more people than ever because you know what I didn’t have looking back was the ability to really you know understand what people were going through when I was saying I’m struggling with the business. You know, in those first 18 months, I never really struggled with the business so I think I probably would have tried to be more in tune with the personalities in my business, really understand what they were looking for, not necessarily what I was looking for in the business but coming back from that first dip, I feel like that I’ve learnt more than ever and the team is so much more cohesive after experiencing that as well. It’s been a pretty incredible ride I have to say to be able to reach the levels we have now not just personally but as a team. So work more with your team, you know, understand the personalities, really give them the tools they need and understand that every person that comes into your business has a different desire, they need a different outcome and they need a different set of tools to focus on that’s going to really address the weaknesses in coming into this business.

James Yates: Such sound advice Ang, and what’s the biggest challenge facing the modern day networker?

Angela Lucente: In 2017, we have all these dynamic tools through social media you know, twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, LinkedIn, you know there’s so many ways to use social media in a way to grow our business but people are only focusing on that and there really needs to be I guess a call to action on the host and let everyone know that it’s okay to do that and it is a great tool but you can’t make that your everything and when you are doing that, it’s not just about creating followers, it’s not just about having friends, you know what we’re really looking for here is still good old fashioned building relationships. You want to take those friends and you want to take it offline. You want to be able to talk to them on a phone, you want to be able to meet them face to face, you know you really want to be able to use social media as a tool to then put you in front of more people so I think that is probably one of the biggest obstacles facing the network marketing industry at the moment because a lot of people are coming in seeing social media as a fast track to success and you know very, very few people succeed only doing it that way.

James Yates: I think that’s a really sound point and for those of you that are tuning in today, listening to this, it’s vital that you sharpen your skills in all areas and it’s also important that everything that you do on social media can also be done offline and vice versa so you’ve got maximum reach so if you’re on the social media front at the moment but you’re not picking up the phone, well maybe we need to identify that picking up the phone could also help your business moving forwards as well. So Ang, I mean let’s look forwards from here. I mean you’ve had a great start to your career, four years and it’s still fresh but at the same time you’ve achieved a huge amount of success so you’ve achieved things that people dream of and you have the ability now in the next five to ten years to do whatever you’d like within this profession. How do you see your journey within network marketing going in the next ten years?

Angela Lucente: Well James, I mean look, I’m more excited than ever. I feel that the industry is really so powerful in so many ways. I know that I’m- I guess my husband would call me a dreamer- you know in our relationship he’s had the 30-yer career. You know, he started his job as a 19-year old still working for the same company like you know, and I see that’s great for him but that would never have worked for me. You know I know that the things that I dream about I can’t do outside of this industry so you know, moving forward, the way that the industry is growing through technology being able to grow globally I mean my business is already in almost every continent around the world. I really want to solidify that. I want to make sure that I’ve got diversity within my organization, that’s so important in this day and age. It’s so different to investing in shares; you don’t want to invest all your money in one share fund. This nests are different that’s why big corporations take over companies and diversify because although their structure is based around one type of product or industry, they recognize that they can diversify and create more strength in their company by you know, aligning with other companies and you know, taking over other companies. You know in this industry, it’s no different you know, although I’m based in Australia and I have a very strong team growing nationally, I want to make sure that my organization reflects the globalness of the business otherwise I might as well still be stuck in my little shop in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. You know I want to really maximize the outreach that we have available to us, it’s so powerful. This will also give us the ability to travel more, experience other cultures, not just through business but also on a personal level and that’s the difference that we have available to us in this business; a lot of our experience overlaps on a personal level so we’re traveling the world to build our business but we’re also meeting incredible people, we’re experiencing their culture, we’re becoming a part of their family and this is something that moving forward, I’m excited about the potential of experiencing more of those different cultures that we have available to us around the world and then how awesome to be able to do that, James?

Angela Lucente: Oh, it’s just awesome. You know you’ve just said something that is so, so cool which is you’ve got to diversify your opportunity and the risk of your business and so I’ve always believed very similar philosophies to yourself by playing not just in one singular market obviously expand internationally after you’ve got a foundation around you initially but one question I do have for you and you brought this up at the start of your answer and that is your husband has a 30-year career, you’ve gone down the path of network marketing, what’s the conversations like at the dinner table?

Angela Lucente: [Chuckles] Yeah, that’s pretty funny actually because I’ve also got two teenage sons and one’s at university and one’s still in college and it’s a– look they didn’t really understand what I was about to embark on four years ago when I came home from that first meeting. You know I’d just spent four years in the party plan arena within the industry so I was coming out, demonstrating, they got that because they knew I had to sell X amount of products to get paid X amount and that was all good and well. I could come home from a demonstrations and say, “wow, I made her $500 tonight,” It was all tangible where as in network marketing, it’s not tangible. You really can’t see it so you really need to have this clear vision of what you’re about to embark on and I got that right from our very first meeting because I took the emotion out of it and I just focused on the business so I came home and I remember that first conversation my husband and he went– it went like a little bit like this, he said: I don’t know, it sounds a little bit like a pipe dream to me. And yeah, I guess you know 99.9% of people would have that I guess interpretation of the of the industry, they don’t really get it but my husband’s always been a big supporter of me and he said, “look, I don’t understand it, I’ve been in my career so I don’t understand what you’re about to do and I don’t understand this company, I don’t know them but I know you and I believe in you,” so that’s just made me also realize that it’ doesn’t matter what business or job you’re in, it’s all about work ethic. So it doesn’t matter that’s network marketing, it’s about work ethic and this is what I’ve really tried to show my children because this industry, as great as it is can send out some really dangerous messages especially to you know the millennials out there. You know when I look at my son who’s 19 almost and I don’t want him to think that you just go out and join a network marketing company and you can make extra amount of money and it’s all easy and it falls on your lap because that’s not the reality. The reality is this is no different to investing in $100000 in a business and then you’ve got to show up every day and put in eight to ten of hours of work in a day and go home and do another two hours. I want my kids to understand that this is about work ethic so our conversations, as much as they are about the incredible opportunities that we have in the industry, that we also try to keep them very grounded so that they understand that if you don’t work, if you don’t learn, if you don’t train, if you don’t show up and make the effort, then this business will be like any other business that you got into, you’ll fail, you know and there’s no distinction. You know, work ethic is everything so yeah, we’ve had some amazing experiences, James and we’re really grateful as a family for what this industry has given us because it has allowed us to give even our children more opportunities but every time we do that, you know it’s like: guys, this is what it’s taken to get us to this level. This is what it’s taken for us to be able to do this for our family so I think our conversation as much as they could be really incredible and dreamy and you know out of this world, you know as parents, we really appreciate and understand that we can’t do that to our children and that generation it’s because of social media. You know there’s so much I guess sloth out there, they really need to learn and understand that work ethic is really important; it doesn’t matter what you’re doing whether you’re paying a game of sport, whether you’re in ex school, in university, in a job o in network marketing.

James Yates: This is just such great knowledge and wisdom And it’s vital, it’s absolutely vital because people need to understand that it takes some serious amount of work and effort to get anywhere in life but also it takes support and what I love about what you said with your husband is that you know he said listen, I believe in you; no matter what it is, I believe in you, go and give it a go and I think for those people that are listening maybe you’re partner of someone building their business at the moment. I think there’s nothing more important for an entrepreneur than to have the support of people around them just say you know what, I don’t understand it and I’m going to admit I don’t understand it but you can do it, you go out and do what you know you can do and that’s vital, right?

Angela Lucente: Absolutely. I’ve seen so many people crushed their  dreams and aspirations for what they want to do with this business, you know crushed by partners and by friends, by family and even when I was in direct sales in the party plan model, I mean 100% of my organization were female, James. I mean that was a really sisterhood, the organization we grew in that start of business with the company I was with and for women, it’s really hard flog it doesn’t matter whether you’re in a traditional business or in a job chasing a career and trying to be a great mom, trying to be a good wife, trying to be a great daughter or friend. You know we are juggling so many balls in the air and the last thing we need, or anybody needs for that matter whether a man or a woman is that a person in your rear saying, “do you really need to do this? Do you really need to go down this path?” So I always feel that if it makes you happy, it’s worth exploring. What you see, if anyone’s listening to this interview and they’ve been to a meeting and they’re really happy about what they heard, if it makes you happy, ask more questions. Your relationship with your business is no different is no different to your relationship with your partner. If you’re happy, you can keep moving forward.

James Yates: If it makes you happy, it’ worth exploring. I really love that quote, I’m going to use that one Ang if you don’t mind? [Chuckles]

Angela Lucente: I don’t mind.

James Yates: [Chuckles] Very, very cool. So Angela, one last question for you so we’ve talked about where you want to go in the next 10 years, what legacy do you want to leave on the industry as a whole?

Angela Lucente: You often you know think about how will people remember so if I’m talking just about the industry, you know I would love for one day people that I’ve helped to grow a business, mentored possibly even the children of those people that I mentored to be able to say “you know what, this woman Angel Lucente, she worked alongside our mom or our dad or our sister and this is what they did together and this is we’re able to be in the position we are today. You know, wouldn’t that be amazing, James, to be able to not just have the effect on the person that you’re working with but the real power of this business, the real power is to be able to pave forward a million times over.

James Yates: I love that Ang. What a way to finish; leave a legacy of duplication and helping people really see the vision for many generations to come, that is fantastic and thank you so much for coming on to the Reignite Studio Podcast. Before we leave our audience today, how can people get in contact with you? Do you have a website that people can view?

Angela Lucente: Yeah, absolutely James. I’ve got my website so it’s I’ve also got a very active YouTube channel where I provide lots of you know videos for training and real hands on type training. I guess I’m not really what you might call a fluff mentor, I like to get people in the trenches, in the field and I like to really challenge them with going out and doing the work and it doesn’t matter if they make mistakes. It’s okay because that’s where the best learning happens. So my YouTube channel is very popular amongst my group but also amongst other people within the other companies in the network marketing industry or just you know, contact me on Facebook. You know I really love having people reach out to me and say, “hi I’m I listened to your interview or I’ve seen you online,” love meeting people that way, doesn’t matter what company you’re in, doesn’t even matter if you’re not even in network marketing. You know, the world is amazing, I love meeting people, love hearing what they’re doing in their lives, what’s making them happy on a day to day basis so yeah, please connect anyway you like guys.

James Yates: Fantastic Angela. Thank you so much again for being our special guest today and that’s it for today’s episode and in the meantime, make sure you go out and apply one or two great gems from Angie’s interview today and in the meantime go out and wear your own greatness. We’ll talk to you soon.

Thanks so much for listening to the Reignite Studio Podcast with your host, James Yates online at We’ll catch you next time.




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