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Craig Schulze

Craig Schulze

Craig Schulze always had the entrepreneur spirit so he wasn’t happy nor fulfilled when he was working as an engineer in the corporate world. He just didn’t like the 9 to 5 employee lifestyle. Craig gave up his job to pursue his own business and before you know it, not only did he have 1 successful gym, but he expanded to 5 gyms and franchised the business. However, like most entrepreneurs who are always working to learn and achieve more, Craig started to become interested in the growing trend and popularity of home businesses. He looked at many online businesses until he discovered the power of network marketing. Craig soon started to earn a low six figure income part time while still operating his gyms and then went full time in the industry and helped his company launch in the Australian market. In just 4 years, Craig has reached the highest ranks and is one of the top income earners in his company. His organization has over 100,000 distributors in over 100 countries. ››

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Intro: You are now tuned into the Reignite Studio Podcast where entrepreneurs, home-based business professionals and thought leaders share their formula for success. Pick up actionable tips and inspiration which can help you grow yourself and your business and now it’s time to sit back listen and learn with your host, founder of the reignite network James Yates.
James Yates: Welcome to the reignite studio podcast I trust you are doing awesome this week. we are in for another treat today as we’re about to interview a seven figure earner who’s recognized in the top hundred across all companies on business for home, Mr. Craig Schulze. Craig resides in Melbourne with his wife Karen and his son Zach. In just four years Craig has reached the highest ranks and he’s one of the top income earners in his company. His organization has over a hundred thousand distributors in a hundred countries. What’s so fantastic about having Craig on the call today is that I’ve got to build a relationship with him over the last few years working with them and I’ve seen Craig’s work ethic from so many different angles so I know that today we’re going to have a lot of gems and a lot of treats that we’re in for so make sure you got a pen and paper ready to write down and take some of those away today. So Craig, thank you so much for jumping on the reignite studio podcast.
Craig Schulze: thanks, James and I’m really looking forward to it.
James Yates: now it’s, it’s going to be a lot of fun I can tell you that. So listen, you know, you’ve built amazing teams, I mean, 100,000 distributors in over 100 countries is a pretty big deal and you’ve achieved a lot of success. Let’s go back before that happened where have you come from and how did you find network marketing?
Craig Schulze: okay so I know that this is a very big international audience so I’m actually born in Australia but I’m actually born in the small island of Tasmania in a very remote area so no silver spoons in my upbringing I was someone that left home when I was 15 and had to work hard for everything that I had and put myself through University and followed the vision and the model that, you know, get a good education get a good job and become an engineer and from there two years in the corporate world as an engineer probably wasn’t my, I guess, vehicle for how I wanted to earn income and especially taking control of my life. So I went out at 23 years of age set up a gym following my passions and that’s the real key point here is follow your passions and your dreams and I know speaking to you James it’s all about finding your passion and working for that and fitness industry was my passion I was I guess called maybe a semi-professional sports person. So went into the fitness industry, had great success there. was in that industry for over 10 years and owned five gyms and had a lot of success in that industry and that’s what really led me into this industry by just really being that Alderman entrepreneur and looking for what I believe is the next big thing to go and develop at the income that you want to work on.
James Yates: That is fantastic. So you’ve had a few different backgrounds, a few different careers and so as you get into network marketing, I mean how does it all work for you from there?
Craig Schulze: well look I guess as a personal trainer like we’re probably one of the most popular professions as fair prospect and you know, I guess when I’ve always looked at business and success and always really believe on focusing on what you’re doing if you start moving out outside of the square and doing multiple things you really start losing direction and focus and at the time I relocated to Melbourne to expand the gym business franchise at business and every day someone would knock on my door and I was really interested in New Age cutting-edge products and I’d really come into the industry as a consumer first. I did have a go at a few companies very much join and buy their products but that was probably my first level in as a consumer. Love the product when I found some time that’s when I really engaged heavily in building that business and I was actually there for four years and had a lot of success. There was a six-figure income earner had one of the biggest businesses in the company at the time so that was my entry into this industry probably 10 to 12 years ago.
James Yates: Wow, so it’s almost like an apprentice if you look at the starting point but you’ve gone and gained a lot of success in that first phase. You know, you’ve gone on now to build large teams and I know that you’re with another company since you at your first experience. How did you find yourself in the current company that you are today?
Craig Schulze: I guess for me in this industry is all about finding a product that you love that much that you can with your own heart, go and share it with friends and family and for me, I joined my first company that I built. As I mentioned I had joined a couple of companies but never introduced the person to them. that was purely off all of that product that much that I told people I didn’t really assess it as a business opportunity, I didn’t assess the global outreach, I didn’t assess the timing, I didn’t assess the comp plan or anything like that. I was just a really [05:12] lover of the product. I got great results and I was telling everybody but moving forward when I made the decision that this is going to be my future and my career it was all about finding the right opportunity. I had had that product and that emotional attachment that you could have with that product. The freshness, uniqueness but they needed to be more strings to the bow rather than, you know, a company that was really just doing business in America, Canada or Australia and New Zealand.
James Yates: okay and so as you start to assess something do you do you have a checklist that you have to go through? I mean like let’s talk, I mean, there’s going to be people on this call today that are looking at network marketing opportunities and also that are aware of where the industry is going. How does Craig Schulze find the ultimate company?
Craig Schulze: well I guess the first question you always have to ask; would that product at that price point sell in a department store if there’s no business opportunity attached? So if the product is, you know, something that’s way too pricey for what it is. if it’s a product that, you know, it’s that niche that nobody has an interest in the product, you sort of really got to ask the question if I set that in a department store at that price point, how would that sell amongst all the products. That’s the first question you really want to ask yourself and if the answer’s yes to that you look further into it. When you looking further into it there’s a lot of different elements that you’re looking at. most importantly for me with the new age of business where you can now social media connect with people all around the world, you can now with a Smartphone technology connect with people all around the world. We’re on a webinar zoom Skype all the time. You can connect with people all around the world so your company needs to distribute their products as far as they can around the world. So if a company had a really good product but was open for business in one market, I would rule that company out straight away. I wouldn’t look at anything else then I guess you’re looking like you would with any other investment that you would assess. So if you had to invest your life savings into something, you don’t just go and throw your money into it. What you’re actually doing is doing the due diligence. Okay, so if someone said I want to put your, a million dollars into this investment. I’m going to say well who’s behind that product? What’s the product relevance? Where’s the product distributed? What type of returns? These are the type of questions that you would ask when you’re assessing a company. So who’s behind the company and what’s their track record? What’s their global outreach? What is their compensation plan and what return will I get if I put the effort in? What sort of innovation do they have from it that you know a marketing and technology point of view. You know, these are the types of questions that you really need to ask yourself if you’re going to invest your most valuable asset. The great thing about this industry you don’t have to invest a lot of capital. What you do have to invest is your time and that’s your number one asset so you really need to respect your number one asset and make a business decision.
James Yates: And you know what I love about this Craig, it’s quite refreshing because I know our industry has been full of you know, a lot of excitement and that’s a fantastic thing but you’re a guy that deals in facts and figures and not hype and I see that in everything that you do. So this is quite refreshing for those people that are looking at a legitimate business, there are some key things that they’re going to have to think about when really assessing the right opportunity. Let’s talk about the industry itself. We’ve gone through a huge amount of growth, I mean in quite a short period of time where do you see all of this going and where does it come from as well?
Craig Schulze: well I guess you know, the first time I really started to get a lot of love for the industry I started really becoming that expert in the industry and i was listening to audios from all the thought leaders, let’s call them and you know one of the people that I really did follow his name was Paul zone Pelzer and he was talking about money is in the product movement not in the product creation. So you know in this industry now because you can reach a lot of people very quickly. So the company that we have you know, there’s biotech companies wanting to bring their product to us for us to move it into the market very quickly because they can have a low-cost movement very quickly. So a lot of smart business people out there again, I don’t want to spend millions on advertising; I don’t want to spend money on sales reps and employees and middle management and training. Why don’t I find a partner a network marketing company that has products that fit into our niche? let’s put forward a proposal to them and let’s see if we can partner up and then go and move the product through that distribution model so there are, you know, there are big companies out there now deliberately and strategically looking for companies to move that product because it can move fast at very much low-cost rate and that’s why I see this industry just evolving and evolving and evolving because companies are starting to use this model more and more and more and you know with technology improving all the time I can only see this industry being easier to operate not harder. Now the problem is and again this gets back to what you’re talking about is, there are that many companies coming into the market now, there are that many new products coming into the market now. It is starting to get to that process where you need to sift and sort, define something that aligns with you to work on.
James Yates: yeah absolutely I love that and I guess you know there’s really no cap on where this can all go as well. There’s a huge amount of awareness more people are getting involved so there’s definitely a lot of energy running around and also the fact that it’s a legitimate business opportunity now for people as well you combine all those factors and we’re really looking in good shape. Let’s talk now and let’s go a little bit deeper so how do you build a business in the modern age you know, maximizing everything that’s coming through? Is it as simple as the old-school approach where we used to just you know talk about picking up the phone and contacting people or do we have to be a little bit more strategic in today’s day and age?
Craig Schulze: well you know I, this industry for a hundred odd years has always been you know, a word of mouth industry and I think as the internet and as technologies improved there’s, you know, that there was a big change where a lot of people said it’s got to be all internet, it’s got to be all technology and I think there’s been a swing back into the more traditional ways to do the business. my personal opinion if I look at those top hundred income earners i would say ninety percent of those guys have used old-school tech methodologies; personal relationship, respect, trust like and pick up the phone and work on that relationship but you need to use new age technology to get your message out there. you need to use new age technology to help grow your list and your list is going to be your biggest asset so if you’re not good on social media, get good on social media but social media won’t build your business for you. the only way to build your business is to have relationships where people trust you, like you, respect you and are prepared to listen to you and that will require some sort of personal interaction whether it’s a coffee shop meeting, whether it’s a webinar, whether it’s a Skype call, whether it’s a phone call you have to be good at that part of the business, of that part of the skill set to be able to be good at this industry.
James Yates: yeah absolutely! So it’s really about the key fundamentals of like proper networking isn’t it. It’s just really about keeping relationships going. Now I know just from knowing you, how strategic you are in terms of keeping relationships going as well, you know, there’s never a relationship you don’t keep going would I be correct in saying that?
Craig Schulze: yeah I look I mean, probably my approach to this industry and I guess my success in this industry is, you know, obviously hard work etc but contacts list has been something that I’ve respected since I was a teenager so I still got friends from high school, I still got friends from University, I’ve still got friends my sporting days,  I’ve still got friends from my gym days, in fact, two nights ago my very first gym client that I trained 12 years ago come to my house in Melbourne for dinner different state etc. etc. but the importance is maintaining that relationship there’s too many people that just move from friendship to friendship to friendship and don’t build relationships. Now the importance of that is if you maintain that relationship there’s more likelihood that that person will respect your phone call when you go back to call them because remember you’ve got a product that you believe is changing people’s lives. if you can’t, if you wouldn’t give this product to every single person in your family and with open hearts say this will help you with your health, beauty whatever it is, weight management etc. you’re not working with the right product range you’ve already created doubt. So you’re going to the people that already trust you like your respect you with something so they’re going to be more inclined to hear you out but more importantly the follow-up process is the real key. now a lot of people will call someone, they’ll get a no or rejection they might follow up on more time and no and rejection but I’ll call people every three months and I’ll do it for years on years and years and years in fact I was up in Queensland at Christmas time I caught up with a guy I’ve been prospecting for eight years for my previous company into this company and he finally said that he’ll try the products if he liked them and his wife liked them he’ll see if he can value some time to invest in the business and that was just call after call after call after call over an eight-year period but he’s always said to me when the time’s right I will speak to you about it but the times not right and all I say doors are open for a reason. Time changes all the time, people get fired people change careers, people have families and then their value or their time changes. Everything’s always changing so you really need to have a good follow up system.
James Yates: I love that Craig so is, in terms of the system that you have I mean are you literally scheduling these calls every three months or like are they in the diary is that how deep you go?
Craig Schulze: Well the one thing I’ll say about myself is I am NOT a really good technology-based person for list management right, so I wouldn’t adopt my process as you know an A+ it works for me but I’m very much with my list I have all my list protected electronically but the people I’m working on are basically in my face so they’re on a whiteboard or they were on a you know, in piece of paper that i’ll just flick through. I need to call that person, I need to call that person, I need to call that person I’ll keep on being able to see them if it’s in an Excel spreadsheet or in some sort of data management system I don’t search through there as much, you know, so I wouldn’t say that my way is the best way but it works for me.
James Yates: I think you’ve covered some really important things so firstly is find a system that works for you but also you’ve mentioned consistency or just you know following up, I mean, eight years for a relationship that’s so important and I think sometimes you know in an interview like this we could speak about so much in terms of leadership. You’re at the top of the game here in the top hundred but sometimes I just love these conversations where we get to speak about literally a how-to from someone that’s making it really work.  speaking about that I mean knowing everything that you know if you were to start over again but with that knowledge is there anything that you would do differently up front?
Craig Schulze: muffle the biggest thing which I probably already touched on is relationships. the biggest mistake I made in my first real go of four years in the industry to becoming a low six-figure income earner to where I am now is I was very close to building and maintaining relationships outside of, yes, of people within the industry. Now I was always prospecting for new people but if someone was in another opportunity I pretty much shut the door. Now it’s important to focus on what you’ve got so you don’t get distracted but things change, you know, my company changed their compensation plan on year three, three times in a year and my business was going up in bowling but my pay was going down in halves, you know. So I wasn’t that I didn’t love the products it wasn’t that. I lost belief in that company and that the owner’s direction of the company so the fact that I didn’t have relationships with other people probably slowed down me moving into a new opportunity because I wasn’t open to talking to them and they weren’t open to talking to me when I moved on. That was probably the biggest lesson that I learned. Now in this time in the industry I’ve got friends from many companies we’d never prospect each other we have open relationships where we continue to connect and talk and I always just say things change. My company might close down, yours might close down yours might make a bad business decision, mine might work but if we’ve got that relationship where we trust and respect each other, you know, then we can at least always have the conversation.
James Yates: Yeah absolutely! Now that’s great and so now the other question for you is what do you think is one thing that stops most networkers just full stop in gaining success. If you look there are some people that go up to the top. There are some people that don’t is there is the one thing that’s really the defining factor?
Craig Schulze: well I do think that X Factor, well there’s two things sometimes there’s timing can be as important as talent. so you know, if you went and joined a company that’s been around for 40 years it’s sort of like in investing terms you are investing in, you know, the property market there’s a good opportunity there but it’s all about you know, slow growth and success and a lot of those old companies with older style comp plans. They’re going to be around for another hundred years so the timing for that you know, you probably would have been better joining them in their pioneering phase. That can be equally as important in talent. Your contacts list is your absolute X Factor, you know, again it’s that ability to connect and relate to people but I guess this industry is in my view of what I’ve seen out there is because it costs so little to get into, it’s so easy to get out of. Its cost so little to get into so it’s easy to get out of, what I mean by that is people go well if I only put a thousand dollars in, if I don’t work for the next two weeks I’m not going to go bankrupt. So people don’t respect their business opportunity as a multimillion-dollar business opportunity. Now if they invest in multi-million dollars into a big franchise chain and they didn’t open their doors for two weeks they’re bankrupt. they have to do it, they’re forced into doing it because the risk is that in this industry I find that people don’t treat their opportunity as a real business and that’s where you find a lot of people getting, you know, if they’re putting hobby effort in there getting hobby results if they’re putting good effort in there getting good results are putting no effort in there getting no results and the people that really want to take it to the next level I really change life’s in a massive way and I always talk about just to finish off on that point, is if you want to dominate your industry whether it’s been a personal trainer, real estate agent be the best expert you can possibly be. You know you got if you want to be a doctor you’re going to spend four-six-eight-ten years to be that doctor. In this industry here, be the best expert you can be in network marketing, in your products, in your company, in your opportunity. The more you know, the better you’re going to be out on the field when you’re out there hustling.
James Yates: yeah absolutely so really managing expectations up front. This is a long-term game become the expert and don’t expect a shortcut in a few months as well. you know let’s talk a little bit system wise because I know you you’ve got the ability to bring someone in. is it as much as they’re just a good driven person or do we need to train them also and manage their expectations as leaders? What do we need to do to get them getting going?
Craig Schulze: well I guess I have a very much a six-month process you know and with children when you want to teach them how to ride a bike you let them wear training wheels for their first period until they’re ready to take them off and they’ve got more confidence. so I give everyone a six-month where I will very much hold your hand you know, babysit you more than you can imagine but if you’re not taking responsibility for that period of time we need to realign where you know, we, you know, we put in energy into the business because I believe this industry can be, you know, you can learn everything about your company within say 30 days that’s not that hard to find. You can really grow personal development. development wise you can you know start working on knowing where to find things in your company, you would have prospected people enroll people, you would have turned up to events, you would have rank advanced if you’re at six months and you still enrolled only two people haven’t rank advanced, you haven’t been turning up to events, you know, well I can’t really help that person anymore. So there’s got to be a period where you will go over and above for a new person no matter what skill they have, no matter where they’ve come from, no matter who they are but then they need to take ownership of their own business still with my mentorship.
James Yates: mmm I love that. So you know the way I look at this is almost like a game of chess. So you make a move then they make a move then you make a move then they make a move sometimes at the front end you might do a little bit more for them as you said but from that point onwards if they’re not going to move with you then obviously we start looking elsewhere is that fit?
Craig Schulze: Yeah and six months is a very fair enough period to be going over the course of Judea. I always talked about qualifying your biggest weapon and qualifying people and is really what you’re trying to do. you’re sifting and sorting to find a few good ones and if you’re putting all this time into someone and they’re not enrolling or you’re putting all this time into someone they haven’t turned up to an event in three months you’re wasting your time. so you know, they if they’re not coming back the other way and aren’t turning up, bringing prospects, getting on leaders calls, wanting to learn more information, doing a call with you every two or three days. That’s the response that you’re looking for and that’s where they’ll grow as a leader. You’re building leaders; you’re not building an adult day care centre.
James Yates: yeah love that, absolutely love that. From a leadership perspective, are there any other pointers that you’d love to give people who sort of want to become top leaders in the industry?
Craig Schulze: I think, you know, I always talk. you know I’ve got a bit of a matrix that I put together if you want to be a 5k a month earner or 10k a month earner or you know 50k a month learner. The types of activities what you need to know and what you need to do and so it’s pretty easy if you want to be a 5k income earner this is what you need to know, this is what you need to do. If you want to be a 10k a month income earner this is what you need to know this you’re going to do. The things for that rule life-changing type of income, you know, they are they’ve got an international business. They are running their own event without anyone holding their hands. They focus on not only being at international conventions they have hundreds of people there with them you know they’re really leading by inspiration. You know, inspiration is a real key because if people think that you’re not leading by example they only follow what you do. So if you’re sitting back throwing around orders well sit back and try around orders. if you’re not enrolling they won’t enroll you know so it’s they’re the sort of parts of the equation that need to be put into those people that really want to make it to the top and its leading by example, going you know, taking responsibility and going beyond the call of duty and thinking global. They’ve got to be thinking global.
James Yates: yeah absolutely that’s brilliant. So many gems in there Craig so let’s now shift the focus of this a little bit and talk to me about what’s the network marketing lifestyle all about? What is the success that you’ve had allowed you to do well?
Craig Schulze: Well I mean I’m a massive lover of this industry and I have worked across so many different sectors so I’ve worked I work in the mines to earn money when I was in my teenage years that was hard work physical and long hours. I’ve worked as an engineer in the corporate world more white collar. I really didn’t like the, you know, the structure of being on time, leaving feeling guilty if you left a half an hour after hours. I’ve worked for myself in traditional business and I say hey if you own a traditional business your first year might start at a financial loss, your second year might be a breaker even so you’ve worked for two years for nearly a loss. your third year you start justifying, you know, the time you are putting into your business you know so you’ve got to have that real long-term you and if you are in some a lot of businesses and in particular the franchising world you really are buying yourself a job. So I’d be working 60-100 hours a week. I had to have my gym door open, I had to close at a certain time and I was, I always miserable and this industry here is what I call the ultimate industry because you can work from home, you can control your own financial future. you do have to treat it as a business but what I love more than absolutely anything about this industry is you can do a part time and work on a very part time you don’t have to any financial stress, you don’t have to quit your job, sell your house, get divorced to be in this industry you can work on it over three year period a five-year period until you’re in a position where it can be your financial destiny.  since I’ve been in this industry I’ve traveled to maybe the last two years I’ve spent 26 weeks of the year both years overseas working from anywhere as long as I can get on my phone, the computer, social media I can do business anywhere I’ve just got to be time zone sensitive that I’m not calling people in the middle of the night that’s really my only issue. financially if I said to myself five years ago that you know you would have the sort of money that you have in that period of time I would have fallen off my chair but I always knew that it was possible in this industry I believed that it was possible and just made it happen and you know I am at a position now where you know I do have a lot of choices. if I don’t want to work I don’t have to, if I want to you know it’s all about I guess this situation you know in my 30s my late 30s I am now looking to make money on money you want to save money on money but actually using my businesses cash flow to create wealth and retire myself with without this industry. So it’s still head down bum up zone so it’s not all sitting back on the beach with a Pinacolada. It’s hard work and that’s the thing about this industry everyone looks at the lifestyle but you know I’ve traveled all around the world. I’ve got up flights at four in the morning day after day after day, I’ve run events pretty much on every continent and you know I’ve been rewarded in a big way.
James Yates: You’ve been a real leader by example which I absolutely love and there was something that you just said them which was a topic which I almost interjected and said oh because well-creating wealth on wealth is something that maybe we don’t share a lot of within the network marketing profession that we could definitely do more of but you know the fact that you know a lot of people listening in will probably be creating some decent income as well. The thought provocative question today is you know are you using that to create further wealth? Is there any thoughts on that crate?
Craig Schulze: well I’m not a financial advisor or planner so my advice is you know take it or leave it but I look at the wealthiest people in the world have made their will predominantly through property and pre-network marketing I was a property investor now I’m even more a properly invested but it’s smart investing. it’s not just buying a property it’s actually knowing the niches, knowing in the markets, knowing the trends that you know there’s some suburbs in Melbourne I can walk up the street and can tell you what each house is going to sell for based on just really knowing what I know again that’s becoming that expert in that field. so don’t go and just buy a property for the sake of it but what I have seen tragically in this industry over the years is people that make good money and what they’re making it’s going out the door two times quicker through fast cars, crazy holidays, you know just living like you know, you know a millionaire and they might have only done it once. So that there is something I’ve seen that many times so all want to put myself in a position with or without this industry on very healthy.
James Yates: yeah absolutely i think that’s um that’s a really important topic that we can probably continue on another show some time and i really appreciate your insight um Craig what’s the legacy you want to leave on this industry?
Craig Schulze: well I’m a pretty passionate trainer and so I love learning and I love sharing that information and so I do, I would like to be known as someone that’s given a lot of good insights to people to take away and apply to their business and there’s no nothing for me to gain from sharing my intellectual property because there’s a lot of people on this call that you know will we may never ever do business but I’m giving you my intellectual they know you ask Google how can now to give away their intellectual property not that k and so I love training but within my business you know I would like to retire dozens of people. I’d like to help me a pay-for but I’ve learned and through my experience I would like to put them into you know my situation at the moment where you know I’m pretty comfortable and put them into a position where with or without this industry they you know they don’t need to work again. So that’s something that I would like to leave. Yeah I’ve got lots of plans on other projects outside of the industry but you know for the next five to ten years I want to really focus on doing something pretty special here and we’ll see where it goes from there.
James Yates: I think you’re making a massive impact already and I just love the way that you build your business today we’ve spoken about so many things around the facts and the figures like we really mentioned up front and you know I think there’ll be a lot of people that would love to still be able to continue to follow you beyond today so what’s if you had a website is something that people can reach out to you from?
Craig Schulze:  yeah look, I mean I do have a web oh but I call a branding website where someone wants to know more about me it’s just quite simple it’s got a short video about myself and it’s just my name WWW.CRAIGSCHULZE.COM  but also have a blog attached to it where I do provide a lot of my, what I’m calling insights to the industry and a lot of lessons. They’re usually, you know, five to ten-minute Face book live that I’ll upload onto my blog and this is free content, you know, I don’t have any plans at the moment to work on monetizing that. I want to really focus on providing good value to the industry because while i am passionate about my company I do love seeing the industry really thrive.
James Yates: That is it’s Craig. Mate it’s been an absolute pleasure to have you on today. We’ve covered so important things and so many things that can be applied directly to anyone’s business whether you’re just getting started in the industry or you’ve been doing it for a long while. So Craig I really appreciate your time and I really look forward to seeing your success further.
Craig Schulze: Thanks, James and keep up the good work and look forward to continuing our relationship into the future.
James Yates: yeah thanks so much mate. Well, that’s the end of today’s show. For further updates make sure you go to and otherwise we will see you on the next show very shortly. We’ll talk to you soon.
Outro: Thanks so much for listening to the reignite studio podcast with your host James Yates. Online at we’ll catch you next time


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