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Frazer Brookes

Frazer Brookes

Frazer is an ex-university student that said no to Network Marketing for 4 years, even though he had seen the success his mother and father had gained. Being heavily introverted he always thought MLM was not for him, until the internet made its way in to the industry.
After graduting he decided to jump in to the industry and hasnt looked back since. ››

Episode Transcription

Intro: You are now tuned into the Reignite Studio Podcast where entrepreneurs, home-based business professionals and thought leaders share their formula for success. Pick up actionable tips and inspiration which can help you grow yourself and your business and now it’s time to sit back, listen and learn with your host, founder of the Reignite Network, James Yates.

James Yates: Welcome to the Reignite Studio Podcast with your host, James Yates. Would you like to ignite your network marketing business using social media? How about learning what it takes to develop a strategy that could help you succeed in the modern age? Well, today our special guest is a highly successful network marketer that has done just that. His name is Frazer Brookes and his mission is to set network marketing businesses on fire. Frazer Brookes is a young, dynamic, second-generation network marketer. He grew up witnessing his parents gain a huge level of success in the network marketing industry. However, being heavily introverted, Frazer never really thought that this industry was for him and he actually said no to the industry for a good four years. During those four years, he attended and graduated university and finally he then looked at network marketing again with fresh eyes where he identified a massive opportunity to maximize online methodologies within his profession and as a result, he’s never looked back and becoming successful in his own right and coaching many others on how to use the same online strategies that have seen him succeed. Frazer, it is an absolute pleasure to have you on the Reignite Studio Podcast.

Frazer Brookes: Oh no, the pleasure is all mine and thanks for having me on.

James Yates: It’s just brilliant to be able to really understand a little bit of you– you and I have got to know each other over the last little while and it’s quite a unique story actually; second-generation network marketing, you’ve seen you know your parents succeed within this industry. Tell us a little bit more about the story and how it all began.

Frazer Brookes: Yeah so back on the twenties– I know the dates, the day I was born, the day I met my girlfriend and the day my mom and dad first went to their first ever marketing event so the 26th of October 1987, my mother and father went to their first ever network marketing event, how did they hear about that was a funny story so I’ll go into that a little bit so my mother and father, they moved up to the north west of the U.K. for those of you guys who know the geography of the U.K. from the south east. Now, they basically bought a house with the money that they had, they used up all their money and to make some extra money, they rented the rooms out. Now, one of the people that rented the rooms was a practicing dentist so he was an educated guy and he used to read the newspapers. My mom and dad, they weren’t interested in the newspapers so what happened was one day the newspaper was left open on one of the kitchen tables and it said, my dad saw a picture of an Aston Martin and it said “MLM, MLM, MLM” and honestly, he thought MLM stood for ‘Make Love Monthly’, right? [Chuckles] That’s what he thought so he saw make love monthly in an Aston Martin and he says, “Hey, I’m ringing this number. I am ringing this number.” So there was three different adverts; the first two went straight to voicemail, he didn’t bother leaving a voicemail. The third one picked up and he did the pitch and he said hey you either join so we said oh, I’ve got to join next and he joined and straight away so we got a massive event 26th October, come along with Julie- your wife, my mom- and see what it’s all about. He went to that event and I went with them, why? Because I was in my mother’s womb. I don’t mean to be graphic within the first like five minutes of this but yes, that’s where I was and it was a launch event, right? So they had a confetti cannon and they came up to my mom and said, “Hey, I know you’re pregnant, you’ve got like three or four months to go, will you be alright with the confetti canon next to you and all that sort of stuff,” and my mother and father saw people- we’ll use his words- walk across stage and they couldn’t walk and chew gum at the same time, right? And he thought if they can do it so can I. So that day, he made the decision I’m doing this; nothing’s going to stop me from doing it, with the support of my mother. It’s been mainly my father but my mother’s been 100% supportive which is really important and they’ve been in the industry ever since. It’s been 29 years now and they’ve made just under $14,000,000 in the industry, built teams of over 150,000 people all over the world and I’ve you know travel around with my father and went to all over the world and all over the country here in the U.K. went presentations, went to seminars, went to trainings, went to you know retreats that he had and as I got older and older and older, I was in the meeting room more and more and more. I went from like the soft play pan messing around with other little kids to actually being in the meeting from like maybe 8 years old up until 18. I hit 18 and my dad then said, “You’ve got your own credit card, you’ve got your own debit cards, you’re making your own money and you’ve seen the lifestyle we’ve been able to provide for you, it’s now time for you to get in,” and I said, “Dad, nah,” and he said, “What?” “I can’t do what you do, I don’t want to do what you do,” and he said, “What, make money helping other people working from home?” and I said, “No, you get up on stage and you’re always on this stage, crazy person you are, with a pen in your hand drawing spider diagrams–” I used to call them spider diagrams because it was just one circle that makes of it, right? So I just kind of said, “That is not for me, I’m not that kind of person,” He said, “Okay well you’ll change your mind, you know you can go to university and get your career and you’ll be freezing on a building site–” because I was going to study construction management, “and then we’ll see how you feel.” I was like alright, okay then, fair enough so when I was 18 and a half because I still count my half birthdays, you know, I’m still trying to hold on to my inner youth so 18 and a half, 19, 20, 21,22, hit 22 and I actually came to my dad. I basically said, “Dad, I’m ready to join,” and he said, “What changed your mind?” I said, “Dad, I can build this business on the internet,” and he said, “no you can’t, no, no, no you can’t. That does not work, doesn’t work, doesn’t work, never has, never will.” I said “Alright well, I’m going to prove you wrong. I will join if I can build it using the internet,” and he said, “Alright, great, cool,” so I joined, he told me to write my list, I ignored him, we had a bit of back and forth, you’ll find your mentor being your father is not that easy. It’s fun and it is good in one way but it’s bad in another way, you can’t just– yeah, anyway so I decided to make my own list of people that I do not know. I realized very quickly there’s more people on the planet that I don’t know than what I do know so I spoke to like three of my friends and because we are like really good friends, they just did it without even really seeing a presentation and then the other 105 people I sponsored were all people I built relationships with using social media in particular, Facebook. That was the one I was spending all my time on when I was going through university, I always thought hey, if I’m spending all my time on it then other people are going to be spending all their time on it so I got to get to know people and build rapport and eventually got 105 personal sales in just under a five-year time span and I grew that hundred people in offline and online techniques but mainly online to over 22,000 people all over the world and I’ve been doing that ever since, been helping other people do the same thing because of that and because of network marketing I’m not really introverted anymore; I was heavily introverted before but now I’ve come way out of my shell and without no marks and I don’t know what I’d be doing right now just because I think I’d just be again even more interested than ever before. I wouldn’t be doing very well in work or career, I’ll be actually it’s gray outside here in the U.K. it’s freezing and I’d be on a building site with my high base jacket on and a hard steel-toed boots and I just would not be enjoying life so that’s kind of me in a nutshell so far.

James Yates: I just love this story because again, it’s so unique but at the same time, I mean I’m just fascinated I mean what does your dad now say? I mean now you’ve gone down the social media route and you’ve gone a complete– because you know the strategy of online obviously is exceptionally different especially to someone who has built success in the eighties and the nineties. So how has your father embraced the approach you’ve taken? Obviously he’s seen it work.

Frazer Brookes: Well, I’ve not really shared this with anyone and he’s cool, I mean sharing it, but the way he built his business is he wanted to attract other people so it’s funny because me and him are doing the same thing just in totally different generations so he used it because he saw an advertisement in the paper, he used to advertise, right? So he used to advertise himself in the newspapers in a ten-year time span, he sponsored over 520 people himself so I said, “Hey dad, I’m using the internet to advertise myself. I’m not going to advertise a business which is what you’ve been doing, I’m advertising myself because in today’s world, you know there’s people doing all sorts of stuff so after me doing that and basically using his techniques but in the new school methodologies with social media, he’s now coming to me and saying, “Frazer, I think I need to clean out my profile page. What do I do? How do I do this? How do you attract people? What are you doing? How are you typing so quickly? You know, is there an easier way for me to not have to type? Can I do voice notes? Can I do this, can I do that? Is it just Facebook? Can I use YouTube, can I use LinkedIn?” And then he comes to me the other day and he goes, “Frazer, how do I use Instagram?” I’m like, Instagram, you know, how do you even know that word? He’s slowly coming around to the whole like “hey, I need to be going online because if I’m not online, I’m going to be dying. I think if you’re not online now in some way, shape or form, you are one step behind everyone else. I’m not saying you have to be to succeed, I just think it’s a way for you to get in front of more equal on a bigger scale so…

James Yates: You know I quite agree and I think you know, the more people ask the question: should I be building online or offline? I think my obvious answer has always been where are people looking? Where are they spending their most time and you know, the obvious answer is online and it’s then obviously finding the platform that works best for people and all of that and I think if I go back to my initial journey online, you know and I’ve kind of done 50-50 in terms of you know the offline approach versus the online but you know, it was the LinkedIn sort of age where the first kind of LinkedIn came in and I found you know, there was a few ways of being able attract people that way. You’ve mentioned Facebook as your kind of primary social media platform. I mean was this by chance or choice or how did you find the Facebook platform to work best for you?

Frazer Brookes: Yeah so I actually first started on LinkedIn because of what you were saying there, I thought, “Right, where are all the business people?” and I thought, “well LinkedIn, let’s go and try LinkedIn” and back then it was very, very early on in LinkedIn, not many people had it but every time I added someone and connected with someone, I always felt like they were ready for me to pitch them you know, in quotes and they would always kind of pitch back so it just felt like a massive pitch. That’s where I wanted to totally take the business aspect out of it and I learned very quickly that hey, if I just basically say, “Hey, check this link out,” it ain’t going to work and so I moved over to Facebook and I just want to speak to real people: single moms, stay at home parents, you know college kids, whatever it might be and speak to them on a personal level, get to know them as a person and then when they ask me what I do, maybe I can figure out a way to help them. I also realized I could pre-qualify them because if they were you know, not really reclining the right things or I didn’t feel like I could help them in any way, I just didn’t, I just remain friends with them and it was absolutely fine. So I found that Facebook was something that not only that I could do but I could also duplicate within my teams, say hey, you’ve got a Facebook account, right? Yes I do. And you your laughy and your jokey kind of profile page and you cover page and you don’t really need to change, you can keep all that. I’m going to be showing you a way how you get in front of more people and if that’s the way, flash that and I’ll eventually take relationship online to offline and I call offline basically a phone call or a Skype call – what we’re doing right now and just you know, solidify the relationship and grow it that way so I like Facebook, it’s just faster, everyone seems to be using it, there’s a whole variety of people, I’m not just looking for business people anymore, I’m looking for all types of people from all over the world as well so yeah, that’s kind of how I’ve jumped onto Facebook and really kind of reached in on Facebook.

James Yates: Let’s go into this a little bit more. You’ve obviously built a successful team you know thousands and thousands of people, everyone that you bring into the business, do they follow the same platform, the same methodology, do they build online or do you kind of have different people doing different things?

Frazer Brookes: Right, so I called it old school skills with new school technologies so with that being said, I still get them to go through the whole create your list and do all that because it’s important because I had a little bit of a head start because I learned skills subconsciously just by being in the meetings so I could take those skills online and become a better keyboard warrior to start with so I tell people, “Hey, you need to be making at least fifty phone calls offline,” not many, just if you can do it literally in a couple of days or three days, four days whatever it might be. If you need to learn and understand what people say when you speak to them about an opportunity because you are going to get this, this, this and this, you are going to get the rejections, you are going to say I don’t have the time and I don’t have the have the money, it’s a pyramid scheme, it’s a Ponzi scheme, it’s one of these things my brother’s uncles, dogs, cats, fish did it one time and failed, that’s it , alright, so I do get them to go into that but when they come to me and say, “Frazer, I’ve ran out of people to speak to,” I can seriously hand on heart solve that issue and I personally believe that is the number one issue in network marketing and to be honest entrepreneurship when you’re building a business and people go: oh that’s not enough people for me to speak to, people say I’ll go to these events and that’s what I’m looking for, I’m looking for that magic tale to find an unlimited stream of people and say Hey, you walk out your door, turn left, turn right, there’s people, people, people but being introverted and being what I would call just the average person, it’s not easy the three foot rule to just bump into someone in the street and just say, “Hey, would you be interested in opportunity to change  your life?” Well, that didn’t work for me and I felt like okay, I’ve got to get out of my comfort zone to do that but I didn’t think I could duplicate that process unless I could do it and I couldn’t do it myself. I still today right while we’re doing this podcast, I still have not done three-foot rule in my entire career and I don’t like admitting that because some people that are out there will be like “How have you not done that?” But it’s just the way that I chose to build and made it work so I get people to start offline and then I can teach them the strategies online to succeed but I don’t like them going straight into it because it is a slower way to build, offline is way faster but online just makes you you know, have more contacts to speak to eventually.

James Yates: I think you’ve covered a really important point and that is you know, I know there’ll be a lot of people listening today that will be saying, “Well, look you know I kind of want to go all in online but I think at the end of the day, you know whichever vehicle you use, it’s still the foundational skills that you learn as a network marketer that need to be learnt first, right, and so obviously the cycle duplication kicks in and then it’s just being a creative force in terms of way to attract those people. In terms of you know, the introvert kind of thing, I mean does this– you go from an introvert to an extrovert just because you start to get success or how did you work on that part?

Frazer Brookes: Good question. It’s definitely been a process. In fact- and I don’t like sharing this but I’m going to because we’re honest, we’re open and transparent, us in this industry if you speak to the right people that are just incredible people- I actually– when I started to build my business in the first 90 days, I made just under $1000, sorry first 30 days, under $1000, first 90 days was about $10,000 and because of that success in a short period of time from somebody who hadn’t done network marketing before the company got me to speak on stage, there was 300 people, I had my 3 like really going mates at the back of the room who still couldn’t believe that Frazer was going to be speaking on stage, a bunch of my mates, they’d been introduced to the opportunity and obviously loads of other people. By the time I was 22 so I was one of the youngest in the room, got on stage and to be honest with you, I just burst into tears. It was the only way I could escape the stage without having to open my mouth. My intricacy was that bad, it was really bad and I got a load of stick from it, I still get stick from it today but I made a decision from that day that no matter what, I’m never going to do that again and the only time I’ve done that again is when I’ve maybe recognized my mother and father for an achievement or whatever it might be you know, little tears which mean way more than big tears which mean nothing, right? So yes that’s kind of that, I just made a decision and I thought I’m still introverted today a little bit in some things like after a meeting, I’m absolutely shattered. You know, it takes a lot of energy to me to do it but when I’m in the meeting, I’m loving it, I’m thriving, I’m posing I’m enjoying that so one thing that helped me a lot was understanding how I’ve made a mistake there or I’ve realized my fear, I’ve understood it and I’m now overcoming it. The other thing is just getting in front of as many people whether it’s at coffee shops, whether it’s at live events, seminars and I know we do a lot online but it’s also really, really important to do that to get to understand what different people are like, to understand that people are not always like you, to understand that if  you’re introverted, someone else can be extroverted, if you’re extroverted, someone else could be introverted, understand how to deal with those kind of people, understand that you can’t say the same thing to an introvert than you can the extrovert in the different sources surrounding. There is a whole science to it. Well, if you’re listening to this podcast and you’re just getting started, you ain’t going to know this straight away, go read a book about it or just learn, be around successful people like James and other people that the industry has and just learn those things that you can actually– that’s one of the best things about this industry: the development that you can get and I can go off on a wild tangent now but I’ll kind of cross it over.

James Yates: Well, I think what’s really important about what you’re saying here– you’re being the exceptionally real and I think we’ve been speaking over the last 12 months with a lot of leaders about you know being your authentic self, growing congruently throughout your journey as a network marketer and I think for those people that are listening, this is refreshing, you know, you’re standing up, you’re saying, “Hey listen guys, I did it tough, I was upset on stage, I didn’t want to be doing this stuff but I’m here today with success under my belt,” and that’s exceptionally refreshing for a lot of people because hey, listen guys, if Frazer can do it, you can do it. That’s the kind of thing that we want to be looking at here. So you’ve got the introvert that becomes sort of the extrovert except you kind of still have the two things going, how do you portray the Frazer online?

Frazer Brookes: Well, that is a great question. So it’s very important just to be yourself anyway just to start with. I portray myself just by showing first of all I have like a three-rule thing. When anyone posts something on the internet, because there’s so much so much stuff that’s just irrelevant, boring, pointless and it doesn’t get any traffic or anything to it so I have like a three point rule, I call it the RVL principle. So the r stands for Results, the V stands for Value and the L stands for Lifestyle so I show myself off in one of those three things. If it doesn’t much one of those three things, I don’t post it so you won’t see me posting things like I won’t be airing my dirty laundry on Facebook, that belongs in the washing machine, right. I won’t be basically showing you what I ate for dinner that night alright, unless I’m in like a Michelin star restaurant with my girlfriend and I’m like doing a selfie kind of showing what I’m having for dinner which I don’t really do anyway so the after results, the [00:20:44] results I’ve got from the part of the company I’m involved with or results I have from the business or results I’ve helped other people get or the V for value just quotes things I might have heard from James, things I might have heard from other bestselling authors, something I’ve heard my father you know, say on the phone, whatever it may be and the L for lifestyle is just, “Hey, I’m taking a flight to the Bahamas or hey, I’m here in Hamburg or hey, I live in my office today, stuff like that and just being real, I’m not faking anything. I’m not taking a magical flight to the Bahamas just to pretend you know, it’s all real stuff and what I do, I actually find myself 90% of the time is actually on the Facebook messenger to be honest with you because I’m in network marketing to connect with other people, I’m not in network marketing to fall into a scroll hull on the Newsfeed just scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll into a mindless hole. I’m in that to communicate with people so a lot of my personality comes out in the messenger just by typing away and voice notes. Voice notes, if you get onto voice notes then it’s a different game. I know James is a lot of that, it’s great hearing James’ energy as well when you get a voice note and you can’t read tonality so that’s why it’s great–

James Yates: And you know, we’ve always had that quote, you know you can’t say the wrong thing to the right person but you can if you’re typing, right? You can say– people just don’t buy the same way and so I think you’ve covered some really important things so let’s summarize it. So let’s look at this, so we’ve got our RVL: Results, Value and Lifestyle and you’ve also discussed you know the same thing around you know, being able to talk to people with voice so they’re hearing the tonality and the expression rather than just the words. Talk to me about– let’s go a little bit more specific so how does Frazer Brookes attract new people on Facebook- is it as simple as just adding people or is there a bit more of a strategy around it?

Frazer Brookes: Now, here’s the great thing. I have not added anyone that I’ve sponsored.

James Yates: You’ve not added anyone?

Frazer Brookes: Not one person, right. So I can see you on the video and I get very excited about this so of the 105 people that I’ve actually sponsored and sold into or sponsored into my network marketing business, not one of them added me sorry, not one of them I added, so what I did is I decided where are the people that I want to attract hanging out? So the offline strategies and the offline marketers say, “Hey, you’re in health and nutrition, go to a smoothie bar or go to the gym, that’s where your target market is,” so I went whole time needing to need to attract people who’ve got a positive mindset, who may be entrepreneurs or who read books for instance so I wrote this massive, massive list and I’ve got it somewhere on my messy desk, right, but it’s people like Eric Worre, Bob Proctor, Robert Kiyosaki, Darren Hardy, Tony Robbins and all these kind of people, right, and I went in every day and did in between five to ten posts within these different pages and basically let’s say if Eric Worre said, I had a quote open, it was a motivational quote. I would write in something relative, witty and short as fast as I could when I saw the post and then I’d like that status. That status, and this is a little bit tricky but it’s absolutely fine, I’m adding value to his community as well as my own so people would then share that image, that image would get seen by millions of people and anyone would go on there, because I’ve liked it straight away, it would on the top comments and people would go, “Wow, I love that comment. Who is this Frazer Brookes guy?” And that’s where you then go to your profile, you make sure you set things up so you’re professional, you’re real, you don’t mention anything about maybe the company you’re involved with and this isn’t straight away and I don’t have your name Frazer at company X, these people will go oh, what’s company X on Google you know, see a bad review or whatever it might be and then you’re kind of a little bit lost so I was attracting tons and tons of people. I teach this, I can literally show you a way how to get from that method from getting in between twenty to thirty targeted leads every single day, every single day, and when you have a lot of people to speak to, you’re never going to struggle.

James Yates: And I know you train on this and I’m sure that the audience would love to see more about what you do following this podcast but what I love about this is it still goes back to what you mentioned before in terms of RVL. You’re posting something really that’s more value driven in this regard and you’re attracting people to you and then you know the moment that someone’s being attracted to you, I know it’s vital that we get these people onto you know a voice note or a call and as quickly as possible. The transition between– is it as simple as just messaging someone?

Frazer Brookes: Well, it’s a beautiful thing. So imagine if I was in a bar and you know we’re both in serious relationships [chuckles] so it’s a bit of a tough one for me to speak about passionately but we’re in a bar and I see a girl across the room and I go, oh, she’s great. Now if I add her as a friend, I can go over there and speak to her, she might not be receptive to me. She might be like no, I’m not interested in this guy but if she comes over to me because I’ve attracted her somehow by doing certain things maybe I’ve got crazy dance moves, whatever it might be, she’s going to come over to me and say “Hey, how are you? What’s your name?” And straight away, I’m like, “oh yeah, I’m great, how are you?” So the whole technique with this is you attract someone, they add you. You pre-qualify them in a way by going over their profile, making sure they’re not one of these you know, fake accounts or whatever it is, you know it’s full of them on Facebook now. You confirm it and as soon as you press the ‘confirm’ button, — don’t press the confirm button if you don’t have the intention of doing the following but as soon as you press the confirm button, send them a message to say, “Hey Sally. Great to be connected with you here on Facebook. How are you today?” Because they added you and you’ve communicated with them, if they don’t reply back to you then they’re just wasting your time and you can just remove them. I know it sounds brutal but just remove them, there’s no point being friends with someone that you don’t want to communicate with, it’s that really. So that’s what I do, and then I make note of that, it’s very, very important to make note of every single conversation you have and what I do with when it’s their birthdays- and I’m kind of going into the all in, I’ll do it anyway- so when it’s their birthdays, what I do is I actually pick up the phone, go on them and instead of sending them a message onto their wall like everyone does, I send a voice note and it might sound crazy but depending on how well I know them, I’ll actually sing Happy Birthday to them or I’ll just go, “Hey, just want to take some time out of my busy day to wish you a happy, happy birthday, I mention their name, it takes 10 seconds to do it and I honestly get a 90% return in conversation conversion rate from those voice messages so every day I’ve got five to ten people’s birthdays every single day, that’s five to ten conversations I know I’ll be having every single day.

James Yates: That is fantastic.

Frazer Brookes: Well if you want to be really smart, you do the birthday message a day late so there’s not all the overwhelming messages like oh I’ve got so many messages, you do it a day late say, “so sorry I missed your birthday, I’ve been meaning to do it all day yesterday,” so then they think even more, “wow, you were really thinking about me” and it’s not being sneaky or anything it’s just being smart.

James Yates: Okay so you’re doing something different and people least expect that so when you’re out there doing it differently, then you’re obviously going to be seen you know first and I and I think what’s really cool about this, I mean at the back of my mind, we’ve had a conversation that you’re an introvert and you already singing Happy Birthday to people on their messages, that goes to show you know success happens by you know choice rather than by chance and so you need to strategically do this over and over again to find the approach that works best for you. If you had someone that has gone through their list and you’ve basically mentioned, “hey jump online and start to look for some people,” are there any key tips? I mean obviously we know the profile has got to be professional, we know that you know there’s a particular way that you’re finding works in terms of attracting people. Is there any key tips that you would always have in terms of what not to do when using Facebook to build your business?

Frazer Brookes: Yes so the first thing I always, always say is you’ve got to expect that this is not a magic pill, you’re not going to be sponsoring 10 people in the next 30 days, you’re just not because you probably won’t even be able to make a friendship with people in this space; it takes time to build up. I don’t have what’s called a Facebook landmines so these are things that if you step on one of the landmines, you blow yourself up, you’ve got no chance of it working for you so my dad’s always says, hey, for you to cross a landmine field, you’ve always just got to follow someone, alright to get to the other side so it’s very important, in my opinion, now all the leaders from your network marketing company might say otherwise so I don’t want to tell you know, I don’t want to distract you from what they say and what they teach and they teach and they get successful. However, I say to people do not mention the name of the company that you are involved with. If you have a team name that doesn’t mention the company in it, mention that instead because these days people you know they just kind of go on the internet and because there’s so many people involved in companies now, you’ve got to stand out for you being you. There’s only one of you and there could be 10000, 100000, 1000000 reps inside of your company. I say don’t mention the product’s name so don’t mention the company name, don’t mention the product name. Your number one weapon is curiosity because people love that and people will reach out to you to find out more, they literally will. Third thing, don’t air your dirty laundry; you attract what you put out that to the market. If you saw oh the web is so bad today, I hate Mondays, oh I don’t know what I’m going to do with the rest of my week, oh I’m so bored blah blah blah, you’re going to attract all that. I’m sorry for the podcast listeners for that boring tone. [Chuckles] Don’t be negative, don’t swear excessively, don’t spam on groups, don’t add people into groups without inviting them properly first, it’s just rude, don’t actually post links within a status, why? Facebook don’t want you to move away from their website so it doesn’t get seen by as many people. If you’re going to post a link, make sure it’s not a link to your company website or product page, you’ve got to get people adding you and kind of communication with you to say, “Hey, what’s that product you were talking about that helped Sally lose you know three pounds in the last two weeks? I need to know more information. “Yeah, sure, that’s absolutely fine. Don’t use a business page starting out, a personal profile to profile is much easier than business to person profile, people want to speak to a real person, not a business because they’re going to get insulted straight away. Also, it’s not duplicate-able and people shut off on business profiles and all that sort of stuff. Don’t do anything your target market wouldn’t like for instance- and this is a huge list- I was helping somebody who’s with a well-known health nutritional company in the states and I said to him, “Hey, who do you want to be known as and what do you want to attract?” He said, “I want to be known as the number one guy to come to in the health nutritional space in my state,” I went great, let’s have a look up for your profile and stuff so he goes through them and I see a photo, it’s brilliant, I see a photo with him, his wife and his wonderful family in McDonalds eating big Macs so I said, “how would you expect to attract someone in the health nutritional game when you’re sat there eating big Macs when everyone knows it’s not a healthy thing to eat?” So it’s just being a bit clever, don’t be fake, don’t stand- this is a massive one- do not spend all of your business time on Facebook. Do not, just spend a little percentage of each business hour on Facebook doing what you do and you can do it– honestly what I do and what I teach I can do it in 15 minutes in terms of the attracting, literally 15 minutes. I don’t tag anyone into a message or a photo unless they’re actually mentioned into it. People just get so annoyed with that so those are the kind of things that I tell people not to do and to be honest that’s a great question because if people avoid the landmines, they don’t blow themselves up so a lot of people are doing those things so they’re just struggling because of that.

James Yates: Yeah, and I think you know this is just huge wisdom, I just love everything that you’ve just spoken about there. I mean a lot of people are going to benefit from this but I think at the same time as well, it’s really just being street smart, isn’t it, a lot of this kind of stuff so you know like you wouldn’t do things in person, a lot of that is relevant to social media but sometimes we become a little bit weird when we get online, right? We just sort of lose the authenticity a little bit more. I know there’s a lot of people that have tried to post the pictures of their cars and their houses and this and that to sell a lot of things without actually ever showing them the real you know them so it goes back that authentic piece again and it’s just about them being street smart on top of that so I love everything you’ve mentioned, that’s massive wisdom and I really think we’ve got a huge amount of value already from today in terms of that. Talk to me about other platforms. I mean where is all of this going? Is it limited to where we decide ourselves to play I mean Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, there’s so many different platforms, Snapchat, are you on all of them or how do you do this?

Frazer Brookes: Yeah, I am on all of them. One of the biggest tips I can give though is master one before moving on to the next one. Don’t go out there and go right, I’ve got these six social media platforms, I’m going to become an absolute beast on every single one because it doesn’t happen unless you are literally on it all the time and it depends what generation you’re in. Suppose like the millennials and especially the guys in their younger twenties, they just know it without even knowing all that’s happening, they just know what they’re doing whereas again my dad, he’s coming up to his late fifties, he’s got no chance– he won’t be able to even upload a video to YouTube. I personally believe the more video you can do, the better your chances of success is in terms of attracting people and this is when it comes to Facebook Live and YouTube. If you can just focus on Facebook and YouTube, you’ll be onto a winner. Now, it took me 18 months to do my first ever video and if I wasn’t told I had to do it, I wouldn’t have done it because at the time, I mastered introvert and I thought oh, the sound of my own voice, just seeing my face on a camera, it just sends shivers down my spine and now I love doing it because every time I seem to do one, I attract a lot of different people who are interested in getting to know me, interesting in getting to know what I do, interested to know most importantly how I can help them and I think so if Facebook mastered that one first then moved on to– YouTube isn’t really I wouldn’t say social media as such, it’s more just a platform for you to upload a video so you start shooting videos, the first video you should do is– you don’t need professional cameras and all that. Take your phone, selfie mode, video on, make sure your phone’s not on mute or whatever so it picks up the voice and all that and just basically record the reason why you joined your network marketing business. Don’t name the name of the company, just say this is the reason why I’ve decided to join blah blah blah. I’m passionate about this, this, this. People will love that you’re on a mission, they’ll love all that. Instagram is all picture based so you kind of attract a lot people that way. I personally, it’s a bit too much for me to be doing that, I just want to focus on that. Snapchat is actually probably what’s going to become the next beast in the next 12-18 months with people just killing it with network marketing but again it requires you to just be on it all the time and once you’ve created a habit of just doing things consistently for four or five weeks, it becomes a lot easier so just make a decision to do it and you give it four to five weeks and see where you end up.

James Yates: Really sound advice, focusing on something that works first you know, master that then move on and try a few other things. We could get really bogged down in just applying to too many things without any substance often so I love that approach as well and also keep an eye out for the innovation, I love where Snapchat is going on that side and again I guess some are more engaging than others in terms of your time as well so it’s about finding the balance between your strategy and I think you know, work with your mentors and coaches on finding that. Frazer, as a young guy that’s been in the network marketing industry since you were in the womb, where is this industry going? Where is it all going? Where do you see going in the next you know 5-10-20 years?

Frazer Brookes: Well I actually think we’re on such a path right now and it’s just ready for another absolute explosion. It was interesting when my father speaks to other clients, a lot of the conversations that he has because that’s how I’m learning even more even now so when I listen to him and he speaks to people who’ve been in the U.K. where I’m based for 25 years, they only ever seem to be in two companies, I’m not going to name the he companies, one of them is absolute iconic. The other one is actually no longer with us but the people, I only found those two companies. Now, it’s a little bit different because there’s so many companies and there’s a reason why there are so many companies because not only entrepreneurs and business people understanding that there is a lot of money for them to make in the industry but they also understand that network marketing is in fact the best business model for them to succeed. I actually flew over to America to meet with a friend of mine who was looking at promoting his product which has huge value in the Infomercial space because that’s what he knows so I said, “You need to check out the network marketing model,” because I’m an ambassador for network marketing, I love the industry, it’s done a lot for me and my family. He looked at it and said, “oh yeah, but it’s network marketing,” I said, “Yeah but how much money will you spend for every infomercial?” and he told me the conversion rate and I said, “Okay, what if I could show you a guaranteed way where you can be in control of how much money you pay out in terms of these commissions, wouldn’t that excite you a little bit more?” And he was like yeah, I said “well, in network marketing, if there’s no sales guess what, you ain’t going to be paying anything because there’s no sales you’re just not going to be succeeding so you want it to work so I think this industry we see a lot more high end business people doing it, we’re seeing a lot more people use it as their method of distribution and as a networker’s point of view, as an entrepreneur’s point of view, there is no better time, there’s no better place for you to get started with a really low risk for an unlimited reward. I’ve never ever seen anything like that ever before and I think with the internet as well and the fact that everyone’s on the internet, we have more access to more people faster, better and I just think it’s just going up and up and up. It has changed a lot though from the days my father, from the old school to now the new school so if you ain’t adopted the new school techniques and strategies, get onto it, get learning and get rocking.

James Yates: I love that. What’s the biggest thing in your experience and also knowing that there’s going to be a lot more people joining this industry for the reasons you’ve mentioned, what’s your biggest reason for people stopping or not succeeding?

Frazer Brookes: I think it’s their expectations. I think there’s too many people right who think this one comes up all the time, I’ll give it a week, I’ll give it a month, I’ll give it three months. That is just come on, you don’t go into a new job and think I’m going to give this job a week. The boss actually gives you like I think it’s a month and then in the UK, maybe two months, they say: Hey you’ve got two months to prove me wrong, so those people, they go absolutely hammer and nails for two months whereas in network marketing, the majority will do it the other way around. They go I’ll wait for this not to work and then I can quit. It’s like come on, it’s manage your expectations, understand it does take time to build a foundation to start with and then you can grow from there. Understand that you might not necessary be in a company that will be here forever, it’s just the way the industry works, yeah it’s just the same as your job you know, but I believe you create your own security in this industry and that’s why I believe it’s very important for you to promote yourself and not the company and products first, promote yourself because you create your own following, your own community and you can use that to leverage obviously you know, marketing business or more importantly, yourself so manage expectations, understand that if you improve your RVL activity levels or your skill levels, you will get results. Understand if you follow these proven steps of your own plans and the skills that they teach you, you will get a success and I think if you just immerse yourself into industry, immerse yourself into the development, always read books, always listen to your success leaders, always attend events, always listen to James’ podcast then you will succeed in this business, just understand it takes time.

James Yates: It absolutely takes time and 10,000 hours as Malcolm Gladwell has always said in ‘Outliers’ really 10,000 hours to master your craft, are you a big fan of that kind of approach, you know, that kind of time?

Frazer Brookes: Well, great question because I was speaking to someone about this the other day and it was funny because I actually log- and this might sound really weird- but I log every single hour, every single hour that I spend and I was logging my hours and this includes the traveling and the seminars and so forth and honestly, I sponsored someone within my 10,000 fixed hour. That person introduced 8,000 people within our organization in 12 months and I made an absolute fortune and so did that person and so do the people in between, okay? So I believe that so well because it was my skills that I’ve developed over 10005 hours that eventually landed that person and person didn’t even speak the same language as me, that’s how crazy it was. See, I a huge, huge believer in that absolutely.

James Yates: That is just so, so cool. I love hearing stories like that because nothing happens by coincidence and I believe I think we really set up our success based on things like that and I think for those of you that are listening that have just come into the industry in the last even two or three years, you know, 10000 hours takes years and years of grind and hustle and learning and sharpening your skills and hearing you know different methodologies in terms of being able to build as well. I mean you’ve heard today from Frazer how to build a business online from just being you without having to add anyone on Facebook, I love that. I mean that is such a great tool to have as part of your tool box when you’re building your network marketing business. Frazer, what’s the legacy you want to leave for this industry?

Frazer Brookes: I wanted honestly to clean up the professionalism of network marketing on social media. I would love one day when I’m on the beach in Miami or Barbados or Bahamas or even in Australia somewhere, right, I want to one day, people say Frazer taught me this, this and this on social media one day or for me to log on my phone or whatever device it is that you know, and just people see so many professional things on there; value, value, value, lifestyle, results, results, results and not dirty laundry, pictures of their dinner, that’s what I want this industry to do because if it doesn’t we’re going to have issues because people are going to ruin it for other people, you know people are going to be saying the wrong things and one day the other day, just a real quick real example, I saw someone saying, “please, please, please, please join my network marketing business link. If you don’t, I’ll unfriend you.” Come on, that’s why people say bad things about industry sometimes, okay? So clean up professionalism so if you’re listening to this podcast, you know go through that list that we kind of railed off halfway through this podcast and just understand it. The first step is avoiding the land mines, second step is being professional, third step is just attract like-minded people and you’ll be onto a winner, and repeat, repeat, repeat.

James Yates: I love that Frazer, you have given us so much value today. How can people continue to follow you beyond today?

Frazer Brookes: Again, I’m a massive campaigner on Facebook so just add me on I also have a training, it’s called the 7-day MLM Challenge, that’s a 7, not the word ‘seven’ so 7-day MLM Challenge. It doesn’t stand for make love monthly, it stands for multi-level marketing .com. It’s a free 7-day thing where I basically teach one skill every day on the social media and combine a little bit of MLM tactics in there as well so yeah, feel free to like if you want, that’s absolutely fine.

James Yates: Fantastic Frazer, well look, I really appreciate all your time. I know that all of the listeners tuning in will have got a huge amount of value and you know that’s really it for today’s show. In the meantime, if you’ve got anything you’d like to ask Frazer, go away and have a look at all of the links that he’s given you today and in the meantime, go out have the best week of your life and go build a really successful foundation in the industry and we look forward to sharing more insights on our next show. Talk to you very soon.

Thanks so much for listening to the Reignite Studio Podcast with your host, James Yates online at We’ll catch you next time.




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