Over the past 6 years, James & Chantel have have lived in over 10 cities whilst building their Network Marketing brand. Their experiences over the past 18 months have taken them from the major cities of Dubai, Barcelona & Singapore, through to the beaches of California & the Gold Coast.

A combined 20+ years in the Network Marketing profession...

“Everyday is such a blessing”.. Chantel says as she sips on a fruit juice whilst she looks across to Table Mountain in Cape Town, for it seems like only yesterday that the financial strain that crippled James & Chantel’s dreams for some time was living with them day to day.

At one stage they were spiralling out of control financially- “We made the simple mistake that so many make- outspending our incoming dollars and living each month in our overdraft.

The problem was, we could never get out of the vicious cycle, because we weren’t programmed to make more money than we were earning, which in turn created a huge amount of uncertainty in our lives…” James adds.

“When the going gets tough, they say the tough get going, but the reality is most people quit on their dreams when they are in dire straights…”

…For us, it has been our greatest challenges that have created the greatest of opportunities and the ultimate level of team work, for we believed that if we allowed circumstances to beat us, we would never achieve our dreams”, says Chantel.

“It is the times that have caused the most heartache that has taught us so many transferrable skills and most importantly, the growth and development for us to be able to tackle any challenges head on, and come out on top”.

And come out on top they have…

Partners in life and in business, James Yates & Chantel Rose have spent a combined 20+ years inspiring everyday Individuals, Entrepreneurs and Senior Management Executives to live their dreams, to do what they love and to make a difference in the world.


✓ The couple have empowered tens of thousands of people internationally, and have created a successful training academy to ensure that their learnings and experiences can be passed onto as many people as possible.

✓ James started his professional career as a Performance Coach in the Fitness industry, where he trained high performing clients, including having client representation at the 2004 Athens Olympics.

✓ Chantel started her professional career as Senior Project Manager, serving some of the worlds largest banks and technology companies.

✓ Both decided they could help more people by building their own brands and inspiring others to live their ideal life.

✓ They have consulted to and worked with leading companies in the Banking, Insurance, Fitness and Direct selling industries, providing change management, leadership and sales strategies to ensure maximum growth.

✓ They have been voted in the top 3 Business Coaches globally for 2017 by Business For Home.

✓ As in demand Trainers, James & Chantel regularly speak to audiences of thousands to deliver compelling, content rich seminars as well as broadcasting their Online Training workshops which have an extensive global reach, spanning into many international countries.

✓ They have impacted tens of thousands of lives from stage, and continue to inspire with their dynamic ability to work a room, making maximum impact whilst staying extremely relatable.

✓ Over the past 7 years, James & Chantel have have lived in over 10 cities whilst working closely with clients all over the world.

Their experiences have taken them from the major cities of Dubai, Barcelona & Singapore, through to the beaches of California & the Gold Coast. From mentoring people to accomplish their dreams in Auckland, through to changing lives in Southern Africa.

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